10 Important Questions To Ask While Planning A Reception

How to Plan A Reception

After you have made your vows, your reception will be the next important thing on the agenda. Reception is the time when you start your new life with celebrations and joy. When you’re planning a reception, there’s much more than meets the eye. You have your venue selection, catering, decoration, speeches, dances, and many more things. In this article, we will talk about ten important questions to ask during the planning of your reception.

1. What should be the type of venue?

When planning your reception, the sky’s the limit for your imagination and vision. At the time of your venue selection, you have to visualize every aspect of your reception. The venue you choose will determine the footfall of the event, various ways in which you can adapt the venue and the entire reception in general. Choose a reputable venue with many positive reviews. Ramada banquet halls comfortably accommodate about 600 people. With the help of our experts, you can design the venue in the most unique way possible.

2. Who to select as the MC?

MC (Master of Ceremonies) is a prominent role. An MC will ensure that all planned events are carried out smoothly and on time. A competent MC will ensure that the audience engages in the reception and enjoys themselves. On the other hand, an annoying MC will spoil the mood of all participants. The MC you hire must take over the audience in no time.

3. What should be the theme?

The theme of your reception is a mood maker or mood breaker for your guests. Select the theme of your reception according to your preference. If you want a chilling vibe at your reception, opt for a theme that is not tacky. Your choice of themes will help you decorate the venue in the best possible way.

4. What should be my priorities?

When planning your reception, the first thing you should do is set your priorities straight. First, list all the things you want in your reception at any cost. Then prioritize them and also take the valuable input of your partner. Some people want the best DJ to play music at their reception, and others want the best catering service, so work according to your priorities when planning your reception.

5. How much can I spend?

Before you start planning your reception, you need a budget. Calculate each dollar you have to spend on the event, from venue to decoration, DJ to catering. If your spending is above your budget, you will have to cut down on things that are not necessary or look for a cheaper alternative.

6. Who should be invited?

It’s your special day, and all you should do is make memories. At that time, you don’t want anyone who doesn’t get along with you to attend your event. You also don’t want someone who is important to miss the reception because you forgot to invite them. Before you start planning your reception, make a list of all the people who need to be invited. Start making this list as early as possible, because if you forget to add someone, you can still add their name.

7. What services are offered by the venue?

If you are looking for vendors in the market, check with the venue first for all their services. Sometimes it happens that the venue offers you the same services as an outsider but at a fair price. If you choose Ramada, you will have access to the top services, be it catering, decoration, tables, waiters, and many other services. We offer the best services to our customers, so you don’t have to wander around the market. 

8. How to organize seating?

See to it that the guests attending the event have a clear view of the bride and groom and ample space to move around. Guests don’t want to be crammed into a small space. As a result, the atmosphere is bleak and chaotic. Leave plenty of space for guests to move around.

9. What food should you serve?

Now that you have covered all aspects of your reception, the only thing left is the food of the event. You can choose from many options, including the Mediterranean, Indian, Middle East, etc. See that you take into account your guest’s likes and dislikes, and they must be fully satisfied and delighted with the food.

10. How long will your reception last?

We know that these types of events are entertaining, but they must come to an end at some point. More time the event exceeds, it burns a hole in your pockets. Create a complete script of the event. This allows you to set time frames for all activities of the event. Allot time for the speeches, time when the food counters open, couples dance, etc.

This article covers every aspect of planning an unforgettable reception. All the hassle for your reception will be worthwhile once you live the experience. All these questions help you plan a successful reception.

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