6 Immediate Actions to Take When You Lost Your Wedding Ring

Lost Wedding Ring

Losing your wedding ring is indeed a nightmare. According to a survey report, with more than 70 million married men in the US today, 20 million rings lost, and ladies have lost nearly double that figure. Misplacing or completely losing your ring can be as effortless as forgetting it in your gym locker, mistakenly dropping it on the way home, or slipping it during surfing in the sea. This mistake is often one of the most emotionally devastating experiences of one’s life.

If you’re reading this and have lost your wedding ring, we’re sorry that happened. The first step is to calm down that panic and stress and remember that a piece of jewelry does not solely symbolize your marriage and commitment. However, despite knowing that, when you look down at your hand and realize that something significant is missing, the full-on panic and sadness take over. Losing the remnant of your most special day and the most precious piece of metal you’ll ever own, your wedding ring, is something that can’t be forgotten easily. Well, the truth is you’re not the first, and everything will be okay once you’re calm and ready to take the immediate steps to find it.

What do you need to do? If you’ve lost your ring, these are the 6 immediate steps to take.

#1: Focus

Calm down. Take a deep breath and concentrate your attention solely on finding your wedding ring. Once the cloud of worries overshadowing your thoughts and slowing down your thinking process fades away, the chance to get your ring back often increases. Sit down and think about when and where did it disappear. It’ll give you somewhere to start.

#2: Retrace Your Steps

When did you last saw your ring on your finger? Recall that last time and retrace your steps. You can even ask your family or closest friends to help with an extra set of eyes.

#3: Use Professional Help  

Once you’ve got a rough idea of where you might have lost the ring or seen it for the last time, you can ask the experts to help. If your ring accidentally fell in the sand, you can ask locals or the staff at that hotel to get a metal detector to find it. Did you wear your ring last time washing those dishes? What if it slipped through the drain? You could call your plumber to check it for you.

#4: File an Insurance Claim

Did you take a smart move prior and considered insuring your ring? If you did, notify your insurance company as soon as possible, even if you’re looking for it. You can always cancel your claim if you end up finding the ring on your own. It’s better safe than sorry.

#5: Call Your Jeweler

Visit your local jewelers to check if it was stolen, and maybe someone tried to resell it. If you don’t find anything, you can call your jeweler to see if they’ve got another one in the same style for you. Keeping in the notice that you’ve bought a ring before, you might even get a discount this time.

#6: Get a Temporary Ring or a New Ring

However, if you still can’t find it and you’re a newlywed couple, you can get a temporary ring or a fake diamond ring to keep the news covered until you find it. Replicating your ring or getting a new one might actually become a good thing and a sign of a new beginning. So, remain positive and think of the alternative. Your eternal love cannot be broken due to a lost piece of jewelry.

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