7 Phenomenal wedding table decoration ideas to make your D-Day memorable

Wedding Table Decoration

Confused with the table decoration for your wedding? Want to make your wedding tables Instagram worthy? Then you must read this article. After booking a venue, and making your vows, it’s time to sit down for a meal. All your excitement disappears when you set your eyes on the plain and simple tables. A simple plain white cloth as a table decoration will kill the excitement and mood of the event. In this article, we have listed 7 phenomenal wedding table decoration ideas that will impress all your guests. 

1. Flower Decoration 

One of the most loved and everyone’s favorite decorations is the flower decoration. A flower arrangement in the center of the table will look beautiful, just like the perfect couple on the wedding day. Pick a seasonal flower, as it will be cheaper compared to non-seasonal flowers. Add a personal touch to this decoration by placing your partner’s favorite flowers. 

2. Succulent Display

Looking to ditch the traditional centerpieces? Want to see something out of the box? You should go for the succulent display. You can buy beautiful small succulent plants to decorate your tables. You will find many options in succulent plants. To increase the aesthetic of the succulents, place them in clay dishes. 

3. Candle Decoration

If you want your table decoration to be classy and unique, you can use candles for decoration. Lighted candles in the center of each table will create a romantic atmosphere. You can place the candles on unique candle holders. You can also place scented candles that give out a pleasant aroma while lit. 

4. Decoration Using Lanterns

Want to do something magical at your wedding without emptying your pockets? You can always go for lantern decoration pieces. You can also use lantern decoration if you are going for a retro vintage theme. There are many lantern designs for you to choose from. You have wooden lanterns, glass lanterns, or modern lanterns. 

5. Light Decoration

Have you always adored fairytales? Always to have a princess-like wedding? You can fulfill these dreams by decorating the tables with small and beautiful lights. Place these lights in a glass case lantern, and it will be the most beautiful thing your guests have ever seen. 

6. Birdcage Decoration 

If you are looking for an out-of-the-box decoration then this will be the best thing for you. As decoration, you can place birdcages in the center of the table. You don’t need to worry, you won’t be placing some helpless birds in that cage, but instead, you can place candles or flowers in and around it. 

7. Fruit Decoration 

If you want to go with something simpler you can choose fruit decoration. You may be wondering how you can use fruits as decoration? There are different ways in which you can do this. Either make a fruit blow and place it in the middle, or you can also hire someone to carve figures out of fruits and use them as decorations.

These are 7 amazing table decoration ideas that will make your wedding a memorable one. All the decoration ideas mentioned in this article are affordable and will not strain your budget. Table decoration is not hard, you just need the right idea that resonates with your choices. Make good use of your imagination and DIY skills, you will surely come up with the best table decor. 

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