7 Tips to Make Your Wedding a Little More Eco-Friendly in 2021

Eco Friendly Wedding Tips

Don’t let your big day leave a big impact on the planet’s ecosystem. Most weddings are planned to be grand, with guests traveling from far and wide and decorations covering every possible surface. While there’s nothing wrong with wanting a fancy wedding, there are also much better ways to go about it.

Many people hold the misconception that holding an eco-friendly wedding would be more expensive compared to the traditional route. When in reality, it’s not all that different. To help eliminate your doubts, here are seven ways you can plan out an eco-friendly wedding without going over your budget.

1. Buy Ethical Wedding Rings

The commercialization of weddings and the idea that a romantic proposal is incomplete without a diamond ring has led to a serious problem when it comes to ethical mining. To avoid supporting these harmful practices, you can opt for ethical wedding rings made up of lab-grown diamonds such as moissanite. Alternatively, you can also go vintage and propose with a family heirloom as a gesture of utmost loyalty. Or hit up a vintage shop nearby for truly unique jewelry pieces.

2. Choose Eco-Friendly Invitations

There’s no lack of vendors that make wedding invitations from recycled paper or other materials such as upcycled fabrics, carving it on recycled wood, or using plantable paper to create invitation cards that the guests can later utilize. There’s also the option of going completely virtual and using emails, group chats, and other forms of communication to invite your friends and family to your wedding.

3. Find a Sustainable Wedding Venue

Finding a venue that doesn’t compromise on their sustainability policies is essential for a truly green wedding. Take note of how a place disposes of their food waste, what kind of cleaning products they use, how they source their ingredients, and most importantly, their policy regarding plastic. There are many eco-conscious venues that can arrange a banquet hall for less than $5000, so you don’t have to worry about breaking your bank.

4. Support Ethical Designers or Businesses

Let’s be honest here; wedding gowns have become a part of the fast fashion industry. There’s no real reason to buy a new dress when your mother or sibling probably has a similar one tucked away somewhere. If you want to avoid the awkwardness of wearing the same dress in family photos, there’s always the option of pre-loved wedding dresses. However, if you can afford to buy an ethically produced new gown, go ahead! You have the choice to donate it later to reduce your carbon footprint.

5. Get Thrifty or Upcycle for the Wedding Decorations

Here’s a fun idea: why not upcycle items from your home to create and customize new decorations for your wedding? If you’re not too keen on DIYs, try your best to avoid wedding decor that damages the environment, such as balloons and sky lanterns.

6. Opt for an Eco-Friendly Menu

Hire a catering company with a sustainable ethos. Ensure that they’re sourcing food ingredients from organic and local farms. You can also source your alcohol from local wineries and breweries to avoid emissions from transporting items from a different city or state. Consider a vegan or vegetarian menu if it’s not totally out of your comfort zone, as plant-based meals are known to produce less waste.

7. Donate!

Instead of giving your guests a customized trinket or an edible treat they may or may not like, consider donating to charities that are dedicated to environmental causes. Many organizations are also open to receiving any leftovers from the wedding like food, decor, or flowers.

And that’s a wrap on our top tips for Eco Friendly Wedding. We hope our suggestions inspired you to host a stress-free sustainable wedding.

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