7 Common Wedding Planning Challenges and Tips to deal with them.

How To Deal Wedding Challenges

The most memorable moment in a person’s life is when he/she gets married, and different people enjoy different things about their wedding. For example, some might like venue of their wedding, some might like their wedding dress, some feel that walking down the aisle is the greatest moment of a wedding, some might believe that is the food that really makes their wedding stand out.

But all this happens only when the wedding is planned, and let me tell you, planning your wedding is the most important and memorable part that really matters, as it brings together 2 people and their families, their wishes, their ideologies, together to plan out 1 single event which will be remembered throughout our lives.

However, all aspects don’t go according to our plan. There are some aspects in weddings that might turn out to be more complicated than you thought they were, like picking out the flowers for the stage decoration, or what should be the color of napkins that will look good!

Here are some common problems that may arrive during your wedding planning, and a list of effective measures to tackle them.

1. Wedding Planning Start With Venue

First and foremost, thing you need is a venue, because when you have the venue finalized, you can plan according to it, like the decoration, guest list, type of food, but you cannot just book any venue for your wedding.

Some tips for you to book a perfect venue for your dream wedding are

-Keep in mind how many guests you are inviting to your wedding.

-Your budget for the venue

-It should be easily accessible by everyone

-It should not be far away from your home, so if you forget something, anyone can go back and get it for you.

If you are looking for a wedding venue in Chicago, let me tell you some of the finest Banquet Halls are in Chicago, which you can book at extremely affordable prices.

2. Too many brains

As you all might be well aware of the famous proverb “Too many cooks spoil the broth”. When you plan a wedding, there will be friends and relatives who will simply bombard you with their ideas.

You will have to ignore all these ideas if they don’t fit with you and your partner.

3. Friends and family drama

Now that you may have rejected plans of your friends or family, they might not like it, or there might be some common family problems that might resurface during your wedding, because why not? This is the best time they will get maximum attention if they bring up their drama during your wedding planning.

You and your partner must stay strong during situations like this, and try not to get too much involved in their drama. Try and convince them, and if they don’t cooperate, leave them to someone else so that you don’t emotionally tire yourself.

4. What about your co-workers?

When you work in a workspace, you meet many people, and when you see them on a regular basis, you might even consider many of them friends, and word of you getting married will spread like wildfire. Now the question arises that are you willing to invite them all on your special day?

Ask yourself that “will I enjoy their presence” If yes, go ahead and invite them, and if no, don’t feel guilty about not inviting them, just throw them a party some other time.

5. The Bridesmaids’ or Groomsmen’s Budgets

Bridesmaids or groomsmen may have something extravagant for themselves, or plan the same dresses for everyone, which might go out of your budget.

You will have to plan budget beforehand, and inform them well before about your budget, and tell them it’s the memories that matter the most.

6. Guestlist

If you are having a close event, you might want to keep your guest list tight, and there might be someone really important you want to invite, but you are hesitant as they have a large family. You cannot just write “Husband and wife only” or “Only adults” on the invitation, it would be impolite.

Instead, write “we have reserved n number of seats for you at the event”, this makes it more formal and polite.

7. Expenses

You should keep a tab on the amount of money you will be spending on your wedding. Many times, it happens that couples go out of their way and spend more than they have on their wedding, which makes them fall into the debt trap.

You should sit down with your partner before planning everything, and if anything goes out of your budget, you will have to get rid of it or replace it with something that fits in the budget.

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