How To Choose Perfect Wedding Venue For Reception?

Perfect Wedding Venue For Reception

Choosing a venue for your wedding is one of the first big decisions you have to make. The venue sets the pace and tone for the big day. There are plenty of options which you can go for, but how do you know which venue is perfectly suited for your event? With this guide, we will be going over a wedding checklist and different wedding e that you can choose from. 

The Wedding Checklist 

Using a wedding checklist for venue hunting will make the entire process much more streamlined and organized. The best way to begin your wedding venue hunt is by having all the information beforehand. 

  1. Pick a location and narrow down your search to the wedding halls available in the area. If you want to get married in the city, you can start visiting private gardens or wedding reception halls to know what sort of vibe you want to go for. 
  2. Set a budget for your wedding reception so you know exactly what sort of venue you can afford. The cost of the venue and catering prices will amount to at least half of your budget. 
  3. Have a rough figure in your mind for the number of guests that will be attending your wedding. The size of the venue depends on the number of people you wish to accommodate. 
  4. Think about the date you want to keep your wedding on. You can select a date first and look at the available venues or you can book a venue first and then set your wedding dates when the location is available. 

Types of Wedding Reception Halls 


Couples who want a grander wedding and wish to host a formal black-tie event should opt for a hotel or country club ballroom. Lots of ballrooms offer wedding planning services and catering. Hosting your wedding at a hotel will be convenient for your guests who are flying in to attend the happy occasion. If you have a long list of wedding guests, ballrooms can easily accommodate 500 or more people. 


If you and your partner want a more rustic wedding reception, barn venues are great and are becoming popular wedding venues. You can incorporate any style of decor and color scheme into neutral wood tones. Barns are an ideal location for casual weddings as you can do an outdoor and indoor setup. 


If you see yourself saying your wedding vows to the sound of the ocean and sand in your feet, a beach wedding is for you! A beach wedding requires minimum décor, and it’s a great option for couples who are on a limited budget. If your wedding guest list only consists of close family and friends, a beach wedding is a perfect venue for an intimate celebration. 


Surrounded by the beauty of nature and the smell of fresh flowers, a garden venue is great for a romantic wedding. You are sure to get the most stunning wedding portraits thanks to the scenery around you. You can host your wedding during the day and carry on with the rest of the event under the moonlight and twinkly lights. Gardens offer flexibility in terms of decor – you can add elaborate centerpieces and seating arrangements for a more formal event, or you can keep it casual with minimal decor. 

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