A Perfect Guide to Help You Plan Your Wedding During COVID-19 Reopening

Wedding Post COVID-19

According to Statista Survey, 82 percent of weddings that were supposed to take place in April 2020 got postponed, and in addition, 11 percent of weddings got canceled worldwide.

Due to the unexpected spread of COVID-19, many weddings have been canceled and rescheduled over the last year and a half. The wedding industry had a major downfall due to the pandemic, but now as the lockdowns are being lifted, it might be time for the wedding you always envisioned. However, getting married amid COVID-19, which is still considered a global pandemic, comes with its own set of challenges for the couple and the wedding planner. There are many complicated stages in the planning process, from vendors to venues, and now with the reopening, it’s getting harder and harder to procure them. The reason is the surplus of previously rescheduled weddings causing shortages. So, in these trying times, the best solution to have your dream wedding is to hire a professional to plan your wedding during COVID-19 reopening.

The plans, however, revolve around the SOPs that need to be followed rather than what the couple actually wants. So instead of worrying about what time the DJ starts, the couple is burdened with the worries of face masks and sanitizers. Now that the SOPs are easing around the world, your wedding might be what you want. With a few magical touches, you can pull off the wedding of your dreams.

Hire A Professional Wedding Planner

It’s more likely that you are not up-to-date on all the regulations and possibilities of a wedding, but a wedding planner can come in handy when designing a wedding with all the perks. Wedding planners have a knack for organizing and bringing your vision to life. Most of the time, self-planning can lead to exceeding the budget parameters to meet their expectations, so the professionals are preferred. They not only take on any tedious tasks as the wedding approaches, but they also ensure that you get the wedding of your dreams, all while staying within the budget. 

Rather than going through the trouble of planning your wedding during COVID-19 reopening and executing your own, a helping hand can go a long way. You will be in control of your wedding without the mental stress of any last-minute troubles or tedious tasks because that is what wedding planners are for. However, if a wedding planner does not fit your budget, you can always take professional advice from a planner on an hourly basis. After all, you need them to ensure that what you can pull off in these times of pandemic, they probably have up-to-date information than you do.

Get A Jump Start on Your Plans

After the COVID restrictions ease around the world, it would considerably be easier to pull off a wedding you want, but it presents its own set of challenges. The increase in demand for wedding suppliers can cause a strain on your big day, but that’s no reason to panic.

It’s crucial that you start somewhere. Caterers, florists, decorators, and many other wedding suppliers have reduced their rates due to the uncertain times, and if you start planning right away, you might be able to avail of some sweet deals for your big day. However, delaying your wedding any further can only result in the uncertainty of that day. Start planning your wedding right away so that you can marry the love of your life. So get your beautiful dresses ready and your location booked as soon as possible.

Make It a Small Wedding

Everyone’s ideal wedding is a big hall, 3-tier cake, and a long runway to walk down from, but during the COVID pandemic, the best and sensible option is to enjoy a small and manageable wedding. During these uncertain times, a grand wedding is not something that can be achieved. The state government only allows a limited number of people at a single venue together, so it’s wise to think small but not confined. You can always go big with the decorations and experiences with only your loved ones to make it more memorable. Getting your hopes up about getting everyone involved in the day can lead to disappointing revelations because everything is not guaranteed. 

So plan a smaller wedding during COVID-19 reopening with fewer people and make it beautiful with the help of your planner because in the end, what really matters is you marrying the love of your life. Yes, it may not be your dream wedding, and you may not be able to invite everyone you wanted to invite, but it is always better than having to postpone it even more.

Don’t Forget About the COVID Clause

Before the pandemic, a wedding contract came with much simpler clauses about cancellations and postponements, but now, it comes with COVID clauses and new norms. A wedding planner can help you greatly because after working on multiple weddings, they now know what’s fair and what’s not. Some contracts might specify that the postponement should be within a specific timeframe, so it’s better to read the contract thoroughly and make sure you understand everything.

Other clauses include the new protocols and the charges of not following the protocol procedures, known as the COVID fees. The basic protocols can include conducting COVID tests on employees, quarantining guests at a hotel, temperature checks for guests, and basic cleaning procedures. This all goes towards ensuring you the wedding of your dreams without the unnecessary fear of catching the virus.

We hope this guide helps you plan the wedding you’ve always wanted!

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