Top 10 Reasons to rent and host your wedding in a banquet hall

Wedding Banquet Halls For Rent

For couples planning their wedding, the first big question always is where to host the wedding? Some choose to host their wedding in gardens, and some prefer a banquet hall for their special day. Usually, the couples have two choices, either they plan their whole wedding or hire a professional wedding planner. In these two options, the former is too stressful, and the latter can be pricey.

This is where banquet halls come into play. Banquet halls in major cities like Chicago and Miami have designed their business in a way that satisfies all the requirements of their clients. In this article, we provide you with the most convincing reasons to rent a banquet hall for your wedding.

1. Adaptability

When you book a banquet hall, it can be customized to your wishes. For example, be it any kind of wedding or any pre-wedding event, like haldi ceremony, sangeet function, a bridal shower, a Muslim wedding, or a Christian wedding. A banquet hall is ready to host every event.

2. Everything in one place

Instead of wandering around the market in search of vendors and caterers, you can hire vendors provided by the banquet hall and strike off some things from your list. If you use the catering, tableware, decoration, lighting, and other services offered by the banquet hall, you will enjoy heavy discounts with multiple add-ons, and their expertise.

3. Event planner 

Some banquet halls in cities like Los Angeles and Chicago provide you with an event planner who will stay by your side throughout the wedding. This on-site event planner will help you with all small tasks, such as finding decorators, photographers, which saves time.

4. Entertainment 

Banquet halls usually have in-house bands and DJs, you can hire them for your event. Ask for a packaged deal that includes musicians. Search for some of their past performances and also attend their live performance once before you book them.

5. Decoration

Banquet halls offer a wide range of decoration options to choose from. A team of professionals will make sure that the hall is decorated as per your request. If your friends and family want to decorate the hall, they can do so with the items provided by the banquet hall, like cloth and centerpieces.

6. Play area

Children running around relentlessly in a wedding can tire them, and continuously monitoring them in such massive events can be challenging for the parents. Many banquet halls have a separate area dedicated to kids with toys and games to keep the little ones engaged. So make sure you ask the management for a play area before renting the hall. 

7. Multiple events

Different types of events can be organized in the same hall and with the same settings. For instance, if there is a reception party before your wedding event starts while the guests from the reception leave or move to the patio, professionals will re-arrange everything according to the wedding party.

8. Spacious 

A major advantage of hiring a banquet hall is that it can accommodate large crowds. Banquet halls can easily accommodate around 1000 people. So when you rent a banquet hall all your friends and family can enjoy the wedding without any suffocation. 

9. Aesthetic

A wedding can be organized anywhere even in your backyard! But when you book a banquet hall, it completes the wedding vibes. All aspects of a wedding, such as decoration, light, music, and food, completes your wedding experience.

10. Deals

Banquet halls offer the best price for their clients. Whenever possible, banquet halls give out bundled deals that have complete packages with all services. But don’t worry if you don’t get a deal like that. Banquet halls always have the best deals for their potential customers. You will be offered multiple packages, but we recommend you select the most suitable package as per your guest list. Use your negotiating skills to get the best deal and a few add-ons

Organizing a wedding becomes effortless when you rent a banquet hall, as they take care of everything that goes into a wedding. It is an everyday thing for them, so you can sit back and relax while the banquet hall looks after the majority of preparations. Renting a banquet hall could be a whole new experience for you. Run a few background checks (including reviews) before you make any decision. 

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