What is a micro wedding? Everything you need to know about it

Micro Wedding Couple

Planning a wedding is a big task, which requires a lot of time and huge investments. Weddings leave couples exhausted both mentally and financially. Statistics suggest that a wedding with merely 150 people will cost you somewhere around $30,000, which is a huge sum of money. As new times call for new measures, the concept of micro weddings came into existence. 

Micro wedding is an intimate affair, limiting the number of guests to 50. People often think that a micro wedding is a small event with no real enjoyment. There is very little truth to this statement because micro weddings can be the most fun ones if they are organized precisely. In this article, we will tell you everything for planning your micro wedding. 

1. Venue 

With less people to invite you can accommodate fewer people anywhere. Picking a venue first will give you the exact idea of the number of guests to be invited to your wedding. Your wedding venue can be your favorite restaurant or a beautiful resort. 

2. Basics 

All you need for a micro wedding are three basic things – food, music, and alcohol. Without these three things, weddings are incomplete. Happiness will be maximized when guests enjoy their meal and dance to the music. The advantage in a micro wedding is that people are less so you can have top quality food and alcohol.

3. Dress Up 

A micro wedding doesn’t mean that you cannot dress up. You can wear whatever you want to wear at the wedding, because there are fewer people to judge you.. You can ditch the classic black tuxedo &  white gown and experiment with something new. 

4. Imagination 

With fewer people to invite to the wedding and a decent budget on your hand, you can organize the wedding in your own unique way. Let your imagination go wild, and explore new ideas for your micro wedding. You can beautifully design your wedding venue in many different ways. For example, you can have a themed wedding or a destination wedding. 

5. Hire a photographer

Even if you have a micro wedding you should definitely hire a professional photographer. He will make sure that every moment big or small is perfectly captured. This doesn’t mean that you have to hire a big-shot photographer for 8 hours with a second photographer. You can instead hire a photographer for a short period of time, and because the guest list is short, he alone can cover the full event. 

6. Create a personal experience 

As the event is small, you can give a personal touch to the event. Some of the ways you can do this are by placing handwritten notes or paintings. You can wear something that is of sentimental value to your family. You can say personal vows with fewer and familiar ears to hear.

7. Hire a professional 

Who says you cannot hire a professional for a small event? You can hire a professional for jobs you feel are necessary and must be done with precision. It can be getting a cake made from a reputed baker or getting some professional help to decorate your venue. You can also hire a professional wedding planner to plan the whole micro wedding to add some more fun and memories.

Hope this article clears all your queries regarding micro weddings. This is a new trend that is being followed by newbies. People will need time to understand this concept, but they will surely accept this new type of wedding. Your micro wedding will be the best moment of your life and will be remembered by everyone for a long time. 

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